Online tool assesses how a company manages safety and health at work

The Federation of Enterprises in Belgium (FEB) and Prevent launch an online tool, PreventCheck, to assist companies and organisations in assessing how they manage safety and health at work. The initiative coincides with the theme of the European Campaign Working together for Risk Prevention (2012-2013). The campaign officially closes this week.



Assessing safety and health management

PreventCheck consists of a short online checklist. The checklist guides companies and organisations in self-assessing their safety and health at work policies and strategies. The checklist comprises 15 items clustered into 5 management domains. The items provide an insight into the essential elements of safety and health at work. Each item is described on the basis of 4 situations correlating with a performance level.


Step stones for improvement

Filling out the checklist results in an overall score as well as a score for each item. The tool also makes suggestions for improving safety and health management. In this way PreventCheck contributes to improve and reinforce the safety and health management in your organisation.

PreventCheck is available in English, French and Dutch.
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