Prevent-Foundation hosts the Secretariat of two European networks. One concerning health promotion in the workplace, and another one on productivity and social innovation.

ENWHP - the European Network for Workplace Health Promotion

Since the network was formally established in 1996, it has been a frontrunner in European Workplace Health Promotion (WHP). By carrying out a number of joint initiatives, ENWHP has developed good practice criteria with regard to health promotion for many different types of organisations. ENWHP is a platform for all stakeholders interested in the improvement of workplace health and committed to working towards the vision and mission of the network:"Healthy employees in healthy organisations".

For more info, write to enwhp [at] prevent [dot] be or visit

EANPC - the European Productivity Network

The European Association of National Productivity Centres (EANPC) was established in 1966 as a successor body to the European Productivity Agency. Its purpose is to facilitate and increase exchanges of information and experiences concerning competitiveness, (social) innovation and productivity. 

For more info, write to secretariat [at] eanpc [dot] eu or visit