Prevention Lab 2.0

This project is developing PreventionLab, a learning platform on psychosocial risks at work.


The target public consists of instructors and trainers in psychosocial risks, safety advisers and employees in companies and organisations. The learning platform will contain information and aids in the form of an eBook on the state of psychosocial risk prevention in all countries participating in the project; links to online courses; publications; case studies; learning material; collaborative tools (such as blogs) where students can share their knowledge and experiences; online activities such as seminars, and conferences.

The learning platform uses the methodological approach of the VISIONARY platform (an online learning platform focusing on the prevention of violence and bullying at school and based on the web 2.0 concept). A manual is also being compiled which will provide future students/users with guidelines and recommendations on the use of the platform.

Prevent is collaborating on the development of the platform, and its validation and publicisation. The project is being led by the Spanish organisation Asimag, runs from 2011-2013 and is financed by the European Commission.